Greetings from GGEC

I am hoping to keep you updated on a regular basis on what is happening at GGEC.

In my last message, I talked about new technologies and what GGEC has been planning, going forward with these added value option technical solutions. I want to provide a progress report on where we are going.

GGEC is fully engaged with the top Wireless technologies, and we are working on getting these technologies implemented into new upcoming projects that will soon start making an appearance in the marketplace. We want to engage in CD quality Audio in, so that the work we are doing on quality audio out is perfected. This includes having a user interface that is easy - with a truly portable wireless closed loop system. No VPN required. Latency is addressed so room zones can be implemented with ease.

GGEC is currently also providing our customers the latest in acoustical innovations that provide value points that makes our roduct; a product to become the benchmark, We do not like to follow – we like to lead. This higher perceived value allows a more workable price point, thus an added value to the customer. Whether this is High end Hi-Fi, Portable or Flat Screen television... Acoustically we are the benchmark.

I will continue to report on this progress as time goes on, but these goals of giving the customer real added value at a low cost that is going to re-shape what the industry demands are by the brands.

In the coming weeks I expect to be announcing two revolutionary services that GGEC will be providing our current and future customers. Both these new programs will be a “First” for any OEM/ODM in the World, and will set GGEC in a place; no other in our industry- worldwide, can offer at this time. These are real tangible services that will change the way brands do business with their Audio Supply Chain. This is really exciting and cannot wait to announce these programs.
You will see we are thinking way into the future, outside the scope of normalcy, Dilbert cannot apply here, and he would be lost in milliseconds.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in.
Oh.. By the way GGEC will have its first official presence at CES 2015. Please stay tuned for more details & suite location.

All the best,
Dave Cox
President & CEO
GGEC America, Inc.

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