Company Profile

Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd.(GGEC), established in 1951, has emerged as a prominent player in the audio and electro-acoustic industry. The company secured its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China in 2005 (stock code: 002045) and holds the prestigious position of being the chairman's unit of the China Audio Industry Association. Leveraging its expertise in audio technology, GGEC focuses on the design, manufacturing, and sale of cutting-edge audio and electro-acoustic components. The company boasts a diverse range of wireless technologies, encompassing DSP, electronic hardware, simulation, software, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, with a strong emphasis on acoustics. GGEC’s product portfolio spans across various categories, including transducer units, VR/AR acoustic modules, automotive acoustic modules, audio systems, smart speakers, smart wearable products, TWS earphones, digital power amplifiers, and polymer lithium batteries. Renowned for its scale, systematic approach, and professionalism, GGEC stands as one of the largest and most advanced design and production bases for audio and intelligent hardware products.



With a remarkable 70-year journey since its inception, GGEC has amassed valuable expertise and assembled a team of exceptional management and R&D professionals within the electroacoustic industry. The company prides itself on its robust research and development department, comprised of approximately 700 individuals who possess comprehensive technical expertise and strong skill sets. This dedicated team has contributed to the company's impressive portfolio, which includes a staggering 275 domestic patents, 38 foreign patents, and a continuous stream of over 200 newly developed products each year.



To support its innovation efforts, GGEC has established state-of-the-art facilities, such as advanced anechoic chambers, acoustic testing centers, EMC laboratories with production compliance, and an extensive array of 306 production lines for various audio products. These resources enable the company to maintain a daily production capacity of 620,000 speakers, 320,000 sets of systems, and 350,000 lithium-ion batteries. Such formidable capabilities empower GGEC to effectively cater to the diverse R&D and manufacturing demands of its wide-ranging markets and customers.



GGEC places great emphasis on maintaining high-quality standards and has implemented an internationally recognized quality management system. Since 1994, the company has been steadfastly following the ISO 9001 quality management system and has subsequently obtained certifications for ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 environmental management systems. In addition, the company's acoustic testing center has received the prestigious CNAS ISO/IEC 17025 certification.



GGEC employs cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and stringent control processes during production. These measures guarantee that various product quality indicators are met consistently. The company has established a comprehensive quality control system that spans multiple stages; including design, procurement, incoming material inspection, warehousing and logistics, production, finished product inspection, sales, and after-sales service.



GGEC has garnered prestigious honors and accolades across multiple domains, solidifying its reputation as an exemplary enterprise. Recognized as a "credible enterprise," "key enterprise," "innovative enterprise," and an "enterprise with integrity," the company's achievements are attributed to its exceptional R&D design and production control team, its continuous focus on improving its quality management system, and its unwavering commitment to a stable and progressive business strategy.



By cultivating a talented workforce and investing in cutting-edge technologies, GGEC has successfully enhanced its automation and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. This strategic move has not only optimized production processes but has also opened new avenues for market opportunities and further expansion.



Looking ahead, GGEC is poised to leverage its long-standing expertise in professional speaker design and production, capitalizing on its traditional advantages. Furthermore, the company aims to progressively increase its research and development investments in technologies that encompass independent intellectual property rights. Guided by its corporate vision of "Let’s Make Life Better " , GGEC places great emphasis on generating both positive social and economic impacts, while steadfastly adhering to its mission of "Leading the Global Acoustic Industry."



To achieve these aspirations, the company aligns its core values with the guiding principles embodied in its motto: "practical, diligent, careful, decisive, innovative, fast, responsible, fair, self-improved, and friendly." These values are integrated into every aspect of its work, fostering a culture that places the customer first, prioritizes technological advancements, embraces responsibility, encourages collaboration, and values self-reflection.