THIS IS THE HONOR OF BEING ONE IN A THOUSAND! GGEC awarded the coveted Bosch Global Supplier Award!


Berlin, Germany : On July 13, Berlin time, GGEC won the 2023 Bosch Global Supplier Award (Global Supplier Award) issued by the Bosch Group. This is the honor of being one in a thousand! With its outstanding performance in technology, innovation, quality, cost and other aspects, Guoguang Electric stood out from more than 40,000 suppliers of Bosch Group all over the world, and became one of the 46 suppliers receiving this coveted honour.



Bosch Group will present the Bosch Global Supplier Award to its suppliers selected from all over the world every two years. In this selection, Bosch Group selected 46 suppliers from 11 countries from its approximately 40,000 suppliers to win the award. This is the 18th time that the Bosch Group has rewarded its suppliers for excellence in the manufacture and supply of raw materials, products or services, especially in terms of quality, cost, sustainability and innovation.



Quoting Supply chain management of Bosch Group "We are presenting the Bosch Global Supplier Award to pay tribute to our top suppliers! The winners are among the best in our global supplier system of about 35,000 companies. Our winners are in raw materials , products and services in the manufacturing and supply of excellence that impressed us. Especially in terms of quality, cost and sustainability, we believe the winners are leading the way.”


Winning the Bosch Global Supplier Award is a full affirmation of the comprehensive strength of GGEC as a completely vertically integrated supplier of cutting electronics manufacturing and services. Guoguang Electric will continue to work hand in hand with Bosch Group to provide excellent products and add to it portfolio of technologies that aspire to Build the FUTURE!