GGEC and XPENG Forge a Resounding Partnership: Pioneering the Ultimate Audio Experience in the G6 Coupe SUV.


August 4, 2023--In a groundbreaking collaboration of innovation and seamless integration, GGEC and XPENG have joined forces to unveil an unparalleled premium audio solution in the recently launched G6 ultra Smart Coupe SUV—a testament to cutting-edge BEV SUV engineering.


Renowned for its audio technical expertise and uncompromising commitment to excellence, GGEC proudly assumes the role of the official audio supplier for the XPENG G6. With deep-rooted technical prowess and an unwavering dedication to enhancing in-cabin experiences, GGEC has orchestrated an audio revolution that transcends expectations.



At the heart of the XPENG G6's allure lies an extraordinary in-cabin audio experience, meticulously designed to captivate the senses.


Bolstered by GGEC's robust technical experience, the XPENG G6 boasts an integrated 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos technology coupled with an ensemble of 18 premium-quality speakers. This fusion of innovation orchestrates an auditory panorama, enveloping occupants in a symphony of sound that mirrors the richness of real-world encounters. Unsurprisingly, this feature has garnered rapid acclaim, solidifying its position as a trendsetter in the industry.




The partnership between GGEC and XPENG has thrived even in the face of unprecedented challenges. In the midst of the global pandemic's turmoil in October 2022, GGEC showcased unwavering resolve by dedicating substantial resources to collaborate seamlessly with XPENG. This resolute commitment ensured the seamless integration of audio products into the XPENG G6 model, all while adhering to stringent timelines and preserving the holistic vehicle development process. This accomplishment underscores GGEC's multifaceted role as a manufacturing stronghold, engineering hub, and industry trailblazer.


With relentless collaboration, GGEC's car audio team and XPENG's visionary motor team engaged in a series of intensive discussions. The resulting synergy has yielded an auditory marvel—the XPENG G6's immersive music cockpit. These conversations laid the foundation for an auditory environment that transcends the norm, a true testament to both teams' unwavering dedication to enhancing the driving experience.




GGEC and XPENG are poised to define the future of automotive audio innovation. This collaboration is merely the inception of an exciting journey that aims to elevate audio experiences across XPENG's entire vehicle lineup. As we commemorate this milestone, we invite you to anticipate a harmonious future, where GGEC's unparalleled audio engineering resonates through every drive.