A Powerful Combination: AEC Unveils an Exclusive Battery for Youdao Dictionary Pen X6 Pro capable of achieving 100-Day Standby!


Beijing, China, August 9, 2023- – Youdao, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the Youdao Dictionary Pen X6 Pro, a revolutionary educational tool designed to transform the learning experience. Powered by an exclusive battery from Apower Electronics Co., Ltd. (AEC), this innovative device achieves an astounding 100-day standby time, setting a new standard in efficiency and performance.


The Youdao Dictionary Pen X6 Pro, represents the pinnacle of intelligent educational technology. Beyond its exceptional translation capabilities, it seamlessly integrates vast knowledge databases and AI interactive features. This multifaceted device offers comprehensive support across various school subjects, providing rapid responses to user queries, immersive oral language coaching, and training.



AEC, a leading manufacturer of polymer lithium-ion batteries known for its dedication to providing tailored solutions across diverse industries, played a pivotal role in enhancing the hardware of the upgraded Youdao Dictionary Pen. Their proficient R&D team and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques allowed for the creation of a specialized battery solution.


AEC’ collaboration with Youdao centered on meticulously developing a 1250mAh high-capacity battery for the X6 Pro. This battery, equipped with a low-power consumption learning chip, extends the device's standby time to an impressive 100 days on a single charge. This achievement empowers users to access information whenever and wherever they need it.



The strong partnership between AEC and Youdao has not only driven technological breakthroughs in the Youdao Dictionary Pen but has also significantly improved its battery life. AEC is enthusiastic about the prospect of deepening communication and collaboration with Youdao to meet diverse practical demands while providing comprehensive solutions and technical support to drive educational innovation.