GGEC and Vifa made a joint appearance at IFA 2023


A few days ago, the IFA Berlin 2023 was held at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin). GGEC and Vifa made a joint appearance, sharing this feast of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Expo with over 2000 exhibitors from 48 countries and regions, showcasing GGEC and Viva's leading technology and innovative products to global consumers.



The theme of "innovation" is highlighted at this exhibition, with new products and technologies in sustainability and artificial intelligence being particularly eye-catching. Various new technologies and products demonstrated the diversity and infinite possibilities of a better way of life in the future.


Let’s Make Life Better.” is the corporate vision of GGEC. Its leading technologies and innovative products have never been absent in the promotion of socially sustainable development and artificial intelligence. At this year's exhibition, GGEC displayed a variety of cutting-edge acoustic technologies and AR/VR acoustic modules, intelligent speakers, compressed treble horns, passive radiators, and more than 40 new products to global consumers, which gained a lot of attention at the exhibition. Many purchasers left information and contact information such as procurement needs and cooperation information to communicate the possibility of further cooperation.



In addition to acoustic technology and products, many lithium battery products from AEC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GGEC, were also unveiled at the exhibition, and gained inquiries from purchasers from many countries and regions around the world in a variety of fields such as headphones, stereos, wearable, smart homes, and digital devices, in the hope of making the next step in the cooperation negotiations as soon as possible.


AEC’s major customers are domestic and international tier-1 companies. It has over 20 years of Lithium Battery Cell and pack design, development, and manufacture experience. AEC also provides various Cell chemistry solutions in a Wide Temperature Range, fast charging, High Energy Density, High Power, and Long cycle life. It is also capable of providing Strong Pack Design in a Multi-Series of 18650 packs, Waterproof battery, Ultrasonic bonding, Low pressure injection molding to ensure the best assembly solutions. Recently, the company has continued to increase capital investment to enhance its R&D and manufacturing capabilities and plans to expand the scale of its overseas production base in Vietnam, striving to complete the IPO plan within 3 years.



On the occasion of Viva's 90th birthday in 2023, it‘s invited to participate in the IFA exhibition, mainly showcasing its new product - ChatMini and multiple other main products. ChatMini is jointly developed by Vifa and GGEC, and exclusively produced by GGEC. It is an intelligent speaker equipped with dual AI, which will bring users a more intelligent and anthropomorphic interaction and communication experience, achieving a substantial improvement in AI speaker intelligence.


ChatMini not only has a wide range of knowledge but also can efficiently search and present relevant information and answers for users based on their questions and different needs; Moreover, it is more creative and can provide different styles of content based on users' interests and hobbies, generating differentiated and innovative information output, such as writing poetry, lyrics, articles, etc.



Vifa is a Danish national treasure-level audio brand. Since its founder, N.C. Madsen developed the first generation of Vifa electromagnetic units in 1933, it has always maintained the quality of a world leader in the field of electro-acoustics, adhering to the principle of "restoring true sound", providing professional sound system support to hundreds of well-known brands around the world, representing Europe's top manufacturing processes and technical models.


Its acoustic brand Vifa SOUND, adhering to the acoustic accumulation and exploration in the field of speaker units for many years, combined with its manufacturing standards of mature processing technology, systematic acoustic algorithms, and patented technology, formed an "acoustic technology", "acoustic technology", "Acoustic design" as the core of the full range of professional acoustic solutions, involved in portable audio, home theater, smart wear, monitors, tablet PCs, projectors, car audio, and other fields. Currently, it has provided acoustic support and services with brands such as Lenovo and Xiaodu and has conducted pre-research and cooperation with multiple automotive brands.


At this EXPO, Vifa continued to strengthen its business dealings with European agents and expanded its new business board in the Middle East. The upcoming new outdoor audio and headphones have received significant attention.